Nature Journey

"Nature Journey” is a 3d immersive digital game. The game will use bionics technology to build a 3D model map with 360 ° stereo sound simulation of various natural environments and creatures. We also added music, colour changes and other elements to increase the game's interactivity. The project intends to explore the connection between digital media and nature through the field of bionics and digital design and turn it into a bridge between digital media and nature. It is also hoped that by combining bionic technology with digital technology, users can temporarily free themselves from the busy real world, quiet their minds, release the stress caused by usual work and study, and feel the beauty of nature. Let people who are engaged with life and gradually lose the opportunity to experience nature create a chance to deeply interact with the natural world at home.
"Nature Journey" is a 3D immersive nature experience game; we will use bionics and 3d modelling technology to create several biological forms. The game has several ecological environments for users, such as rainforests, deserts, plains, mountains, etc. Each ecological map will have unique sound effects and an exclusive plant or animal; the user can collect these sound effects to unlock the map's complete music score and appearance and interactive action to increase the fun of the game.
The user can touch the creature to make changes, such as unique sound effects, colour changes, size changes, etc. so that users can feel close to the charm of digital nature.
The initial character design for each player is the little white man in this picture. The design inspiration for this outlook comes from Disney's latest animated movie, "SOUL", where the character becomes a spirit. At the same time, I think the appearance of the soul should be simple and clear, without excessive plasticity, and I also hope that the user is not bound by the appearance when playing our game, with a relaxed heart and soul to feel nature and relieve stress.
At the same time, every player will have a small yellow butterfly as a follower when entering the game to accompany the player in the adventure. We choose the initial pet to be the butterfly because of its beautiful appearance, which always makes people's eyes follow them. In contrast, butterflies often lead the character's necessary existence in many films. After all, a person's travel will always be a little lonely and confused, with the pet will ser/ve as a com/pa/ni/on and guide, leading players to open a new experience.
To increase the entertainment and distinguish the player, the player can upgrade to change their outlook and complete tasks to obtain clothing to dress. Followers can also get new creatures to follow through with the task.